Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Mics Not Working: Effective Way to Fix

There are many headsets for Xbox One, but the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is one of the most popular ones. Headsets are important to make the most of your gaming experience. Furthermore, it’s fun and even necessary to talk with your friends in gaming.

It is possible, however, that some technical problems, such as a turtle beach stealth 700 microphones not working, could create a somewhat problematic situation. Our team has conducted some research to determine how to fix this problem. We will provide you with a brief overview to save you time.

You need to make sure that your ANC is active. Unless it is active, your microphone will not work. Be sure to ensure that it is not active. But let’s consider some other alternatives to a broken turtle beach stealth 700. You’re encouraged to read the entire article since there is some information that might prove helpful and we explain how to resolve the issue in detail.

What is the Reason, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Mic Not Working?

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Mics Not Working: Effective Way to Fix
Turtle beach stealth 700 mics on Xbox One can stop working for a variety of reasons. Most commonly, the headset is damaged physically. Dropping your headset too often might cause the mic to malfunction. In this article, we’ll explore all the possible reasons why your microphone won’t work.

1) Check Physical Damage:

Physical Damage
You need to check for physical damage of any kind to see why your microphone isn’t working. When you keep dropping your headset, it can damage the mic. A new headset or an extra microphone is required in that case.

2) Check ANC Has Activated:

AND Activated Problem
It has an Active Noise Cancellation feature and a mic monitoring feature that make it the ideal headset for Xbox One. Using this Active Noise Cancellation, the mic monitor system will cease to function when it is activated. Hence, your mic may be switching off for this reason.

3) Software Glitch Issue:

Software Glitch Problem
Mics can sometimes be temporarily disabled by software glitches. Although this is unusual, if it does occur, it will not be for a long time due to that particular program. Having learned the most probable causes of your microphone stopping working, let’s move on to identifying how to fix this issue.

How To Fix Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Mics Not Working?

We now need to discuss how to fix this specific problem. If you need technical support, you can contact Turtle Beach’s customer support team directly. If you think that you can fix the problem on your own, please do.

We’ll talk about how to fix your headset mic now.

A) Make sure Mic Monitoring is turned on –

Make Sure Mic Turn On
ANC, as you may know, is related to mic monitoring. One of them gets turned off while the other is on. The following steps can be followed to verify if the microphone monitoring is working:

– Start by pressing the home button on your Xbox controller to navigate to the home page.
– Navigate to settings and click on “All Settings.” Enter “Kinect and Devices, then “Devices and Accessories.”
– If you click on the “Headset” option, you will be presented with a list of your options. Press the power button to deactivate the ANC if it is enabled.
– Hopefully, your mic should work again now. You should nevertheless test the system and see if it works.

B) Verify If Icons Ring Or Not –

This step must be followed if your microphone still does not work. It is easy to organize parties in-game without involving your friends and without testing whether your microphone works properly. Now, your microphone icon will ring if it’s working.

If this happens, you should check the software or, in other words, the game, since there is a problem with your microphone. This may be resolved by restarting the whole program.

C) Reset the Headset –

Reset the Headset
You may be able to enable the mic by factory resetting your headset. Let’s look at the steps you need to take to reset your headset.

– On turtle beach’s website, you can download the audio hub. You can easily enable the audio hub after you download the app.
– Ensure that the sound and mic work by connecting your hub to a micro USB. Ensure that the volume of the sound you are hearing is high enough to hear if your mic is functioning.
– Lastly, click on “Restore” on the left-hand side of your screen, and then on “Yes.” Click on “OK” to complete the procedure. Your phone will be reset.

D) Contact with Support Team –

Should none of the above steps work, you should contact the support team?

There’s no problem if there’s still a warranty. Should you not have a warranty, please contact them. Technical problems can not always be resolved by ourselves. Moreover, you will be able to prevent similar problems in the future by contacting the support team when your mic does not function.

Final Word:

After reading so far, we hope you now understand how to solve the issue of “turtle beach stealth 700 mics not working”. Not having a working mic can be a big problem when playing games, since it may prevent you from participating in many multiplayer games. However, if you follow the given above steps, the turtle beach stealth 700 mics should once again work!

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