How to Turn off Avast Antivirus Completely (all shields)

Today we share here, how to turn off avast antivirus completely? You can easily disable avast or temporarily turn off or ON. If you want to turn off your avast temporarily, follow the few steps.
How to Turn off Avast Antivirus Completely (all shields)

How to Turn off Avast Antivirus Completely:

At first right click on the Avast small icon (pic below)

Now move your mouse cursor to avast shields control options and choose your desired.

Disable for 1 hour
Disable until computer is restarted
Disable for 10 minutes
Disable permanently

Now click on Yes to stop avast free antivirus.

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Turn Off Avast temporarily (specific shields):

Just open the avast user interface by clicking on the Avast icon.

Now click on protection located in the left sidebar and click on core shields.
Now you can choose your desired – click on the green ON button and what shield you want to disable.

Just choose one of the following options: Stop for 10 minutes / Stop for 1 hour / Stop until your next restarted / Stop indefinitely
Just click on yes to disable the shields and quickly turn on or off – Red and Show Off.

How to Turn on Avast Free Antivirus:
Right click on the same system of the above steps and located the avast icon and in the Windows system.

Now move your mouse pointer to avast shields control and easily enable all shields.

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