Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition Free Steam Key [Windows/Mac]

Surviving Mars deluxe edition is a city-building simulation game. This game developed by Haemimont Games and published by Paradox interactive. Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition free steam key giveaway for Windows and Mac. Thumble bundle store is offering this key giveaway if their users free subscribing to their newsletter. It’s a very limited time only. The game playable on your macOS, Windows, and Linux devices.

The game is single-player challenges to build the first human colonies on the red planet. You can get free oxygen, experience with sandstorms, decades of training, and more. You make the new strange planet with research new possibilities, infrastructure, and build domes. You need to survive to cultivate your own food and mine minerals and more.

How to Get Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition Free Steam Key for Windows/Mac?

If are you want to play this Game Science Fiction city builder, you need to login into your account. (If have no account, create a new one from at the Humble store)

– Go to visit the [Giveaway Page HERE] (Giveaway will be available until June 14, 2021.)
– After opening the page, click on the [Get the Game] button and then click on the (Get it Now) button.
– Go to check your account email inbox, to receive an email from Humble Bundle.
– Click on the “Redeem button” and it will lead to go download page of the store.
– Scroll down and click on the [Reveal your Steam Key].
– Next, simply click on “Redeem” to add the game to your steam account and launching an online activation page.
Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition Free Steam Key [Windows/Mac]
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