Powerbeats 3 Won’t Turn On: What is the Reason [3 Way to Fix]

Can you not get your Powerbeats 3 to turn on? Is there anything you’d like to know about the problem? If you are looking for a solution, this article may help. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about using your Powerbeats 3.

What a wonderful thought! Putting some music on is an easy way to get in the festive mood. However, your Powerbeats 3 has suddenly stopped working. That’s awful!
Powerbeats 3 Won’t Turn On: What is the Reason [3 Way to Fix]
Following the steps described in this writing, we will work together to fix the problem. In case none of these steps work for your beloved Powerbeats 3, you may have to contact Apple if the issue originates from the hardware.

Powerbeats 3 Not Charging – Possible Causes:

1. Check the Software Issue:

There may be more to the problem than you think. Your headphones may have a glitch in their software that is causing the problem. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should call Apple or take it to a local Apple store.

2. Check the Battery Low:Powerbeats 3 Won’t Turn On: Battery Problem

If your Powerbeats 3 battery level has been depleted to a critical level, then you will need to charge the tool immediately. Bad batteries can cause Beats headphones to not charge if they are overused, even when the battery is critically low.

3. Charging Problem:Charging Issue & Battery Low

Bad charging may have also damaged the headphones. Charge the Powerbeats 3 with a low-quality charger to prevent burns. If you need a charger for a specific product, use one that is listed on the package.

Effective Way to Fix: Powerbeats 3 Won’t Turn On –

1. Headphones need to be recharged:

Powerbeats 3 Won’t Turn On: Recharge The Headphone

Despite the fact that your battery is built to last a long time by taking hours to drain out, you should not overlook the blinking red light on the battery. You need to charge your Powerbeats 3 immediately when the red light appears. Use a USB charger specified by the manufacturer and leave it connected.

2. Wait a while before acting:

You should let your Powerbeats rest if you notice they aren’t turning on. Overuse may be the cause of the problem. Make sure that it is plugged in while you leave it to rest. It will thus have enough power in the future if you decide to turn it on.

3. It can be forced to reset by following these steps:

When the problem persists, you can force-reset the device by pressing the Power and Volume Down buttons frequently for a while. You can release the buttons when you see the indicator light. If you’re using Powerbeats while plugged in, please do this.

Final Word:

There you go, your problem has been resolved. It is possible that the software issue is causing the Powerbeats 3 not to work even after following the above steps. Get in touch with Apple immediately and get it fixed.

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FAQs –

Question-1: Why won’t my Powerbeats charge or turn on?

Answer: If sweat or water damage is present, the battery will not charge or turn on. Make sure you dry your Powerbeats by putting them in a warm place. Start the Powerbeats by plugging the device into a power source. Then, turn on your earphones after charging them for a few days.

Question-2: What do I do if my Powerbeats won’t charge?

Answer: Restart your device by force. It is simply a matter of putting the Powerbeats Pro earbuds in an open case, pressing down the system button, holding it until an LED light with a red and white flash is visible, and releasing the button after the light appears. Charge problems may persist if you do not reset the device to its factory default settings.

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