Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On: Reason & Way to Fix

Headphones are a very useful gadget in our daily lives. The leading brand of headphones is Beats. Their wireless headphones and wired headphones both come in different styles. One of the most popular headphones nowadays is the Beats wireless headphone.

While wireless headphones don’t require wires & do not need to protect wires or jacks, they can occasionally prove to be problematic due to the lack of wires. Beats Solo 2 headphones are the best wireless headphones on the market.

Sometimes, Beat solo 2 wireless does not turn on properly. Several possible solutions will be suggested to this problem as we discuss the reasons that will arise. Let’s see –

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On: What is the Reason?

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On: Reason & Way to Fix

Most of the time some common reason is found behind the issues. Like as –

1. Hardware Problem:

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On

Any component of the system can be damaged, including the auxiliary cables, IC of the headphone, or the entire system. Some cables could be damaged.

A short circuit took place on the wires on the left. Connecting the 3.5 mm connector to the PCB are five wires, which come through the PCB. They are susceptible to damage if vibrated. In this case, the channel is closed.

In some cases, wireless headphones are charged through a USB cable. It may also be caused by a lack of charge for your wireless headphone.

2. Device Problem:

Why Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On

You might be experiencing problems connecting your Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones with your laptop, tablet PC, or smartphone. This turning-off problem on your headphones can be caused by a device compatibility issue.

3. Software Problem:

The headphone and the device communicate via Bluetooth, which is related to the operating system. The issue might have taken place with the headphone if there is any software issue.

4. Dust Problem:

Solo 2 wireless Not Turning On

Any kind of electronic device can be damaged by dust. Dust can damage the beats solo 2 wireless headphones, preventing them from working.

5. Manufacture Issue:

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On Fix

A manufacturing error can cause faulty wireless headphones to be produced. The beats solo 2 headphone you received from the beginning is faulty, so keep that in mind. Manufacturer defects can cause similar problems.

Why Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On: Solutions or Fix the issues?

Methods-1: Reset Your Headphone –

First, we can do that. Please try resetting your Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones. You may find it fixes any issues in settings.

Reset Headphones - Solo 2 Wireless

Step-1: At first unplug the beats solo 2 wireless headphones from the USB charging cable.
Step-2: Minimum of 10 seconds press the power button. Then, release the button.
Step-3: As a result, you will see that all the battery fuel gauge LEDs will blink, and the lights will be white in color.
Step-4: Red LEDs will blink afterward for the first battery fuel gauge. Three series will take place.
Step-5: When the lights have stopped flashing, you have successfully reset the headphone.

Even the problem is not solved. But still face the same issue. You need to check the updates – FROM HERE.

Methods-2: Use The Forget Device Option –

Once that is done, you can pair your beats again by using the forget device option.

Try to Forget Device Option for Wireless Headphone

– Firstly, disconnect the beats wireless headphones. If are you, an iOS device user, you follow the few steps.
– Go to tap the [Settings] to go [Bluetooth] options. Then, tap the name of the beats wireless headphones model.
– Next, tap on the [Forgot the Device] options.
– For the MacBook User, choose the [Apple] then head to [System Preferences].
– Next, click on the [Bluetooth] options and select your beats model. Next, click on the [X] options.
– Choose the [Forgot Device] and try to pair the beat headphone again. This way to fix beats solo 2 wireless not turning on the problem.

Methods-3: Sound Troubleshooting –

Sound Troubleshooting for Wireless Headphone solutions

– First time you check, if your Bluetooth connection properly working. If it’s not working, check the audio source.
– Need to adjust the configuration setting with your computer or laptop or other devices.
– If the problem is not solved, use another cable or try a different audio source.
– When using a remote or microphone to press your headphone, the speed of presses will be varied. But only if the multi-press functions are activated.

Methods-4: Try 1 Of 3 Combinations:

If are you using the 1st generation Beat Solo 2 wireless headphone, follow the 3 combinations.

– You need to press the power button with the b-button for 10 seconds or a maximum of 120 seconds.
– You can also press the volume up/down button with the power button for 2 minutes.
– Remember, USB plugged in or not does not matter the processing.

Methods-5: Power Button Works –

Find Out Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning On Issues

– Connect the USB cord to your laptop. Your Beats can now be used by simply plugging into the computer.
– It is possible to unplug and then plug headphones into the port again when the updater is unable to identify headphones every time.
– Plugin your laptop’s auxiliary cord if you also have headphones.
– Power button holds for 3 seconds. Next, you need to remove the USB and auxiliary cord from the headphones.
– At last, again connect to the auxiliary port and repeat this issue if you face this problem.

You can also upgrade the firewire version. Need to change the batter of the beats solo 2 wireless headphones. I’m not sure, you can unplug or plugin with a 3.5mm audio cable.

Final Word: My complete guide to the “Beats Solo 2 Wireless not turning on” issue includes all possible problems and solutions. Hopefully, all the above methods will be working on this problem. It is the best solution the fix Beats Solo 2 Wireless Not Turning issues.

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