Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming: 8GB or 16GB or 32GB

PC game system requirements have continued to grow as our machines have become more powerful. Whenever we upgrade our components, we find that we need more RAM. Luckily, to meet these needs increase, technology gets cheaper and helps us avoid spending every last penny on our wonderful facilities.

New games nowadays seem to require more memory, and buyers are advised to get at least some games that require 16GB! For consoles, it is reserved for games, not for consoles. Computers, on the other hand, are much more adaptable. PlayStation 5 comes with 16GB of SDRAM with GDDR6.

Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Is 12GB RAM Enough For Gaming

Are all games required to have 16GB of memory? Let’s get a little more specific. If you want to play a game with a lot of visuals on your computers such as being stranded in death or delivered to heaven, what will happen?

Even if you’re not interested in adding a second graphic: how do games with no problems or delays like League of Legends or Fornite perform? Let’s see – Is 16GB/32GB/8GB RAM Enough for Gaming?

In gaming, what is RAM used for?

During processing on your PC, data and apps are stored in RAM (Random Access Memory). Let’s play a game. Let’s play. When you continuous retrieval of HDD data, the HDD, for example, is inefficient and slow. RAM enables you to load game data to RAM quickly, so RAM is vital to your computer’s performance.

12GB RAM Enough For Gaming

  • An insufficient amount of RAM causes sluggish frames and a bad gaming experience. A dedicated GPU has built-in memory called vRAM. Because VRAM is specifically dedicated to your monitors receiving visuals, it stands out from system RAM. In order for performance problems need to be eliminated after playing 4K, VRAM should be increased via RAM.
  • That’s when things get interesting. When 4GB of RAM was the norm for gaming, those days are gone. Since so many upgrades and advances have been made over the years, 4GB of RAM is no longer sufficient for typical gaming. In addition, RAM Kit prices are dropping, so buying more than 4GB makes sense.

AMD’s Jaguar processor provided 8 GB of memory and 256 MB of visual RAM to the Xbox One. In spite of the fact that more RAM does not always make games run faster, Xbox One could run for longer without utilizing slower storage.

The RAM terminology:

Terminology for RAM

Let’s examine some of the most important RAM components.


On a computer, it’s the place where the RAM is located. Despite the fact that there are other memory regions on the computer, the mainframe is shown here. With more RAM, your computer and CPU can handle data and applications are becoming more abundant simultaneously. While playing an intense game, you are balancing numerous work assignments as well. How cool is that?


16GB RAM Enough For Gaming

An item like data or a program is stored in memory when it is used. There are different types of memory. The most common one is RAM.



SSD, also known as solid-state drives, is a key component of RAM and computer memory. SSDs are additional storage devices for computers.


A gigabyte is represented by GB. Storage is basically measured in gigabytes for consoles, computers, or gadgets. The greater the amount of memory provided, the greater the memory size of the hardware.

System requirements vary depending on the game:

System Requirements Depending on Game

Does 4GB of RAM suffice for today’s games?

Despite the fact that these graphics demonstrate that 4GB RAM games can run quickly, cutting corners on this corner is unwise. Because adding 8GB RAM increases headroom and reduces cost, gamers would no longer need 4GB RAM.

How much RAM is enough?


  • According to guidelines for minimum standards, up to 8GB is allowed. A RAM of 8 GB is considered to be a reasonable size since most games today run without any issues. It means you should really invest in more than 4GB of RAM for your gaming system.
  • So you will not have to worry about it, was a terrible experience playing the game, and specific games and future updates will be possible. As the newest Ryzen CPU is introduced, the focus The main factor influencing RAM speed is the speed of the RAM recommendations for capacity continue to rise slowly. Certainly, some games won’t go beyond 4 GB, but since RAM is so inexpensive, you might as well prepare for what’s next.

Investing in 16GB of RAM for gaming is worth it?

RAM for Gamings

Firstly, there is no downside to using 16 GB of RAM. Most games require 8GB rather than the minimum 16GB required by some games. No matter what does not have 16GB installed, the cost and system power will determine whether you can afford it.

Even though it may not seem necessary to most, if you have a powerful PC, you might consider setting at least 16GB of RAM. You will be able to withstand any challenge test of time with this amount of RAM included.


There are those who believe that 32GB is too crowded. While games do not utilize the full 32GB of RAM, you can still imagine how powerful gaming computers can be. For a decent amount of RAM, 32GB might be ideal if you would like to have absolutely no stuttering, no lag, and no other problems with graphics.

You may also be able to save $ by not upgrading to 32 GB of RAM. There will be no savings for you.

What is the correct amount of RAM?

Correct for RAMs

So you may not be using a gaming PC for all your work and gaming needs. What is the ideal amount of RAM for different devices? Here’s what you need to know. Check it out.


  • High-performance gaming does not take place on pills. Your tablet is probably overflowing with activity, so you have a lot to handle. This means that an average RAM of almost every GB is sufficient.
  • It is most likely that the RAM GB of your tablet will not exceed 4 GB if you only use it to read e-books and play crosswords. If you play video games, watch Netflix, or watch digital media intensely, you might want to consider upgrading to 8 GB RAM.



RAM can vary between laptops. In the Steam forums, Often, you will see whether a particular game runs on a particular laptop if it is more graphically challenging. Gaming shouldn’t be the only thing to consider when buying a laptop, so it’s an Idea well thought out to go for something like 4GB.

However, it is better to go for an 8GB or NVIDIA or AMD  GPU if you are planning to play seriously. Using this combination, you can do a lot of what desktop CPUs can.



The minimum amount of RAM required for desktop gaming is 8GB. Unless the computer has the required processing power, the performance of games will be significantly impacted, as the game will stop for data saving and retrieval every time the computer restarts.

For Gamer:


The CPU, GPU, and RAM of gamers need to have a bit more juice. At least 8GB of RAM is usually required for gaming PCs. As a result, any option is a good option if you’re building a gaming setup that requires more than 16GB or 32GB, or 8GB. It’s recommended that most players have 8GB of memory. There will certainly be difficulties and challenges, as everything is lower.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is 12GB ram enough for gaming?

Answer: Current games need a minimum of 8GB. In addition, 12GB is an oddball configuration that may or may not suit your motherboard. In some cases, 8GB is more suitable than 12GB for a system to run smoothly. To ensure the best memory configuration, consult your motherboard manual.

Question: Is 16GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

Answer: For a fast and smooth experience, 16GB of memory is recommended. With this amount of RAM, you can play a variety of games and avoid lag and stuttering problems. In general, 8GB should be sufficient for most games.

Question: Is 32GB RAM enough for gaming?

Answer: Yes, generally. Typical users would only benefit from 32GB if they wanted to be future-proofed. 16GB of RAM is more than enough for simply gaming, and 8GB will do. According to Techspot, 8GB and 16GB of RAM had no real difference in framerates in a handful of gaming performance tests.

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